The innovative teaching for
a technological society

With the ENGINO® solutions we promote the development of the skills required by the world of work and an increasingly hi-tech company.

The innovative teaching for<br />
a technological society

The most advanced
STEM solutions

Wacebo is the exclusive distributor for ENGINO®, cyprus company that since 2007 develops hardware and software kits to support STEM education: over more than 15 years, ENGINO® has established itself in the sector thanks to a constant commitment to research and development, supported by attention to pedagogy and labour market trends, creating educational programs and tools for all ages, from 3 to 16 years.

The most advanced<br />
STEM solutions
The method

The method

ENGINO®’s multi-level teaching method starts with construction kits, which develop dexterity and space perception, to build around it the successive ‘layers’ of expertise: creativity and inspiration, problem solving with engineering and scientific approaches and comprehension of the theory enabling the solutions found, to reach a higher level of thinking, obtain inventive skills and know how to deal with all kinds of problems.


Play to Invent™

The ENGINO®’s rule, which results in an educational path in four steps:

Trademarked solution

At the base of the ENGINO®’s kits there is a trademarked system of multifunctional connections, around which specialized parts and complementary forms have been developed and give rise to three lines:


from 3 to 6 years


from 6 to 9 years


from 9 years of age and more

Not just blocks

ENGINO® suggests other solutions to support construction kits to enrich the educational experience and suggests new challenges for students.

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Not just blocks

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