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Let's rethink educational spaces and tools

We provide workspace design technologies and solutions for schools and educational institutions from kindergarten onwards to create environments that are preparatory for the growth of young people and their preparation for the social and work challenges of adulthood.

New Technology

New Technology

We develop cutting-edge technologies to realize an innovative vision of education

Constant innovation

We are always up to date on the latest trends in the world of education

The perfect synergy

We combine pedagogy, design and entertainment to create unique, efficient and engaging learning experiences

Together we are stronger

Together we are stronger

We follow a B2B model that encourages collaboration, and not competition, with distributors, resellers and partners to form a capillary and complete network for satisfying customer needs

Over 2000 schools and educational institutions across Europe have already chosen us
Our customers

Over 2000 schools and educational institutions across Europe have already chosen us

Data updated to November 2022

The most qualified partners

The most qualified partners

We have a widespread network of highly qualified partners for the distribution of solutions aimed at educational institutions

The quality of our processes for design, production and marketing of multimedia equipment is
guaranteed by the EN ISO 9001:2015 certification

Each of our choices follows our vision of “Think digital”, that is to create educational models compatible with the reality of a hi-tech society

A new school idea

A new school idea

We believe in the importance of making the environments where students spend most of their days comfortable and stimulating

Revolutionize now the way of schooling.

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