HEO – Hub Brugherio

HEO – Hub Brugherio


In this project we have created the furniture for a territorial HUB on two floors; the space is intrinsically multifunctional, capable of welcoming all community activities such as school courses, coworking, radio station and many others.
While representing an institutional space, we wanted to focus on informality to put people at ease and encourage the construction of relationships capable of increasing the territory and giving life to ever new activities for the community.

The method

In the creation of workspace design processes, Wacebo collaborates with distributors, resellers and partners to form a capillary and complete network for the satisfaction of customer needs. This cooperative approach creates synergies that revolutionize community environments, combining the comfort of people, the integration of cutting-edge technologies and the construction of a pleasant and respectable aesthetic.
This path starts with an inspection by the distributor, retailer or area partner, who interfaces with the business representative to better understand his needs and vision, and who maps the environment with measurements and photographs. Based on this information, we created a project to submit to the customer and, once refined based on the feedback and approved, to be implemented.


The point of reference for the community

Rather than trying to give the HUB a common aesthetic, we preferred to emphasize its nature as a meeting point of very different realities, creating a sensitive detachment when moving from one environment to another.
The coworking space represents an excellent example of the application of our concept of workspace design, preferring solutions that are livable and that maximize contact between people to stimulate contamination, confrontation and growth.

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