Rekordata – Istituto Rigoni Stern Asiago

Rekordata – Istituto Rigoni Stern Asiago


The spirit behind this development is dual: the intended use is educational, but the goal is to replicate a
business environment. In fact, the project was initiated to take advantage of a grant aimed at schools and
educational institutions that encourage the development of skills useful in the world of work.
For this purpose, therefore, a classroom was created capable of simulating a business environment in which
pupils behave as if they were running a business.

The method

In the implementation of workspace design processes, Wacebo collaborates with distributors, retailers and partners to form a comprehensive network to meet customer needs. This cooperative approach creates synergies that revolutionize the world of education, consolidating a cutting-edge educational vision that is attentive to the needs of students and anticipates the needs of the working world.

This path starts with an inspection by the distributor, retailer, or area partner, who interfaces with the institution’s contact person to understand his or her needs and vision, and who maps the environment with measurements and photographs. Based on this information, we create a design to be submitted to the client and, once refined basing on feedback and approved, to be implemented.


The meeting point of school and work

Given the particular purpose of this project, we chose to consider it as if it were a realization for
professional field, while using furniture elements chosen from both educational and business atalogs.
The cut of the furniture and the general style of the room is therefore essential and clean, with the only concession to the didactic nature represented by the table surfaces on which maps, flags and data on European Union countries are displayed as a useful informational reference.
To meet the challenges associated with this project, we had to make custom tables capable of being moved and assembled to form one large round table for collective meetings.

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